One cannot not communicate.

Even when you’re sitting quietly in a room without any expressions at all…you are communicating – ‘I wanna be left alone’.

 For ages we have been reading & hearing the necessary things to live – food, shelter & clothes. Is this all we really need coz we also know humans are social beings. This implies that though we are living but definitely we do not have a life till we socialise. To socialise, we surely have to communicate with others. Now, to communicate doesn’t mean that we just have to blast all our thoughts, views & emotions on to others. Communication is always 2-way. So you have to keep your ears & eyes open for others to express.

Sometimes we’re stuck & think on how to communicate with others and we forget the basis of communication – express ourselves in a way understood by the other person. That’s it..!! Its not just the language or dialect or tone or facial expressions…..its way beyond that. Don’t utter a word or do anything….even then if you know how to communicate effectively, you can convey your message successfully.

Now, there has been a lot written on effective communication. The Do’s & Don’ts, How & Why, What & When and on…n…on…n…on…. Does anyone think, how moms always know what’s on our mind…or howz our mood… coz she’s a mother and knows everything..?? She communicates with her heart and reads eyes.

Yes, the most effective communication is done by the perfect analysis & transfer of data between heart & mind. Communication is not just an art, rather I would say its a “Scientific Art”. We are no Tamers or Animal Trainers. We haven’t done any course for that. Yet, I believe we all can communicate well with our pets (or our friend’s/neighbour’s pet). How..??

We have a feeling called ‘Love’ for them…that’s why. So, we care for them. Sometimes we speak with them even when we know they don’t understand our language. But, of course they read our eyes, sense our touch besides watching our facial expressions. That’s why I say we do not need just words for a successful communication.


This is my first Blog and first write-up on the topic. Second will come soon to ‘Express’ more Communication.

Thank you all to read my Blog and wish for a continued support…

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